Kate is playing 4th horn with the Illinois Symphony this weekend for two performances of Mahler 4.  As there are no trombones or tuba in this symphony, Kate is holding down the low end of the brass section!

Michael with the Rockford Chamber Players Brass Quintet

Our view from the balcony at St. Peters Cathedral in Rockford IL.  Early morning brass!

Kate with the NIU All University Band at their last concert of the Fall 2014 semester.

Michael and Kate performed alongside Andy Cheetham and Elliot Chasanov over the weekend with the Springfield Choral Society.

Kate with the Illinois Symphony Horn Section.

Michael and Kate - Head Shots

Kate with the Chicago Gargoyle Brass.

Kate in the studio recording for an animated short by Lucas Martell called "The OceanMaker" - You might have seen his first big hit "Pigeon Impossible" - Kate's brother Chris wrote the music for both films.

Kate performed with the Illinois Symphony over the weekend.  Here she is after the performance of Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring."